Vigilance Risk Solutions trainings are available in-person or online. Meet a VRS security expert for an in-person training or learn all that you need to know through our videos and interactive tools in an engaging eLearning experience. Learn how to respond to workplace violence from VRS experts at your office, on your laptop, smart phone and almost anywhere you can use internet.

Training Courses

Workplace Violence Training

In this comprehensive 60-minute eLearning course, learn how to detect violence and respond to a hostile event.

Urban Street Smarts

This 60-minute eLearning course will help you get smarter about the threats around you in an urban environment.

Active Shooter Training

This fast-paced training video will help you to quickly learn the psychological and physical response strategies needed to address an active shooter situation.


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Access our interactive eLearning programs on our dynamic learning management system (LMS). If you have your own LMS system, it’s not a problem. We provide our eLearning material in all standard LMS formats.

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Click below to access our suite of interactive eLearning courses.  If you’re interested in hosting one or more of our courses via your LMS system or would like to purchase multiple course access keys, please contact us and inquire about our volume discounts (involving requests for more than 500 licenses).

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