What is Travel Security Training


Corporate travel is becoming more commonplace than ever before, and risks for travelers are always changing. Having a plan in place to fulfill your duty of care to employees and maintain organizational resilience is key. Your teams need to be aware of the risks and know how to navigate unfamiliar landscapes if they are going to stay safe.


However, a recent study suggests that 28% of companies do not have a risk management plan in place, and staff are even unsure of whether one exists.


These stats remain even though two-thirds of business travel managers believe the risks their employees face when traveling will increase in the coming year.

Travel Security Training

Travel security training for corporations is an often overlooked part of the training. With our course, VRS experts will take the time to assess risk and put policies and procedures in place for an effective corporate travel safety program.


Doing this ensures your team knows how to travel safely and stay on the same page.


Our courses are available in:

  • Instructor-led – traditional classroom training for face to face sessions
  • Blended learning – learn the basics online and use face to face sessions to help learn key information
  • Online training – self-paced programs can be taken on a tablet, mobile device, or desktop


The courses we provide cover key points in international travel and personal safety so that a safe working environment can be maintained while your company is on the move. It’s a fantastic way to deliver expert training and support your duty of care to your staff.


On a travel security training course, your team will learn:

  • The essentials of travel safety
  • Guidance on planning, post-arrival, situational awareness and more
  • appropriate training and risk assessment


You will ensure organizational awareness around this subject and will be able to train hundreds of staff easily. Automated email delivery makes roll-out easy, and mass rollout is simple too.

Why Take Travel Security Training?

The course has been developed by experts with years of experience in the field, and the people who use the sort of information learned here are celebrities, politicians, royal families, and other important people. This is an accessible way for your team to learn some of the best skills and techniques so that they can stay safe in an unfamiliar environment and a potentially dangerous situation.


Bear in mind that it isn’t always necessary to think of the worst case scenario. When many people think of travel risk management, they think of terrorist attacks, finding themselves caught in the middle of a huge violent protest, or a natural disaster.


However, we aim to help with the everyday risks also. For example, simple things like misplaced luggage, communicating effectively in a language that is not your mother tongue, a canceled booking, and so on. Our courses will help you to stay safe and secure in a plethora of situations, whether mild or severe.


Losing a suitcase might not seem like a big issue, but it could hurt travelers’ morale, complicate your duty of care, and even hurt your profitability. Rest assured the courses we offer cover everyday risks and extreme risks, plus anything you might find in between.


It is our aim to ensure travelers enjoy the trip and return home safely with their belongings in tow.

The Risks Of Not Having A Plan In Place

Without having a clearly communicated travel risk management programme in place, you could be putting employees in danger. This, in turn, will have tremendous operational, reputational, financial, and legal repercussions. It is in your best interests to ensure that everybody in your organization knows how to stay secure while traveling and what to do in a variety of situations.


Dangers should neither be ignored nor inflated; approaching the situation with a level head is imperative. Your decisions surrounding travel security training should come from a position of knowledge and offer a pragmatic view of risk in the environment your travelers are heading to.


This is not a time to scaremonger, but a time to educate.

What If A Situation Does Arise?

If a situation does arise, you and your team will be equipped with the knowledge to handle it. Everything is taken into account during the training process.


If a situation is taking place in real time and you would like more advice, you can use the number on our site and we can offer some support and guidance.


We aim to provide training that will suit your organization’s unique needs – we know that there is no cookie cutter solution that suits everybody. We will work closely with each of your teams so that every traveler knows how to handle a situation whether it is pre, during, or post corporate trip.


Here’s the sort of thing your organization will learn for pre, during, and post-trip:


Pre Trip

  • Guidance on vaccinations and health checks
  • Bespoke training and education suited to each team/traveler
  • Analysis and advice on global risks and potential threats around the world


During Trip

  • Staying aware of the location, itinerary, and well being of fellow travelers
  • In-country travel risk management support
  • Communicating with travelers during an incident, crisis, or SOS event
  • Responding to and managing incidents both big and small
  • Ensuring your internal crisis management team are training and know what to do in the event of a crisis


Post Trip

  • Guidance on post incident support
  • Medical advice for potential travel related illnesses
  • Post incident case management


If a situation does arise your teams should be well equipped to deal with it, whatever it may be. We aim to protect the safety and wellbeing of corporations both big and small.

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If you want to ensure your team stays safe and secure on business trips and take your duty of care seriously, travel security training is essential. Corporate travel is only set to get more important, and in many cases, it can help your business to grow and secure new clients.


Ensuring your organization stays safe at all times is imperative to your duty of care and reputation.