Vigilance Risk Solutions Teams with Silent Sector on Workplace Violence and Cyber Security Threats.



As workplaces face increasing violence and cybersecurity threats, two southwestern companies partner to bring Special Forces expertise from the battlefield into the boardroom to protect America’s small and midsize businesses.

Whether preventing active shooters or hackers, business executives must proactively mitigate risks across their entire organization. The cost of proactivity is less than the cost of waiting until it is too late. Zach Fuller, former Green Beret and founding partner of Phoenix-based Silent Sector Cybersecurity Solutions, says, “Five to ten years ago, if a company got hacked, the executives could throw up their hands and say, ‘We were unlucky victims,’ and ‘We didn’t know this would happen.’ That doesn’t fly anymore. Now, it is common for executives to be fired after a breach, because they are expected to take proactive measures.”

Silent Sector partnered with San Diego-based Vigilance Risk Solutions to provide comprehensive risk reduction from cyber and physical threats. The companies’ leaders share special operations backgrounds as former Navy SEALs and Green Berets.

“Executives are looking to combat veterans for risk reduction strategies,” Fuller says. The new partnership “brings those skillsets into the workplace and the corporate environment.” Preparing a customized plan to face workplace threats resembles preparing a battlespace, a process that includes evaluating the adversary, then determining the adversary’s courses of action.

When determining these courses of action, Jon Russ, VP of Threat and Vulnerability Assessment at Vigilance Risk Solutions, explains, “The two big ones we want are the most likely course of action and the most dangerous course of action.” Russ, a corporate security expert with a background in the US Army Special Forces, says that preventing those actions is “not just knowing what is out there. It is doing something about what is out there, and that requires deliberate actions to turn things to our advantage—to make the workplace more secure for us, and insecure for the adversary. We do it all the time in the warzone. The only difference is, now it’s in the boardroom.”

About the Companies:

Silent Sector Cybersecurity Solutions
Silent Sector is an elite team of experienced and credentialed cybersecurity professionals.

Vigilance Risk Solutions
Vigilance Risk Solutions mitigates workplace violence through custom solutions that empower and increase awareness.

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