VRS Founder Ty Smith Spotlighted in Business Insider Article


Security starts with empathy, teamwork and understanding ourselves. Read more about our founder and former U.S. Navy Seal, Ty Smith. This article spotlights his personal journey and the origins of VRS in this article about the University of Southern California’s MBV Program from Business Insider.

“Smith was an active duty SEAL also enrolled at the University of Southern California’s Master of Business for Veterans (MBV) program, and was on his way to both from the SEALs and graduating that following May. When he returned to school after a few weeks off, a personal assessment questionnaire assigned in class forced him to reckon with who he was before and during his 20 years in the Navy, and who he was going to be.

It forced me to look at myself in the mirror and make some decisions, because I wasn’t happy with the person that I had become and I wasn’t happy with who I saw myself becoming five years from that point in time,” Smith told Business Insider. He reached out to the program’s faculty director, Robert Turrill, and asked for help. Over the course of several weeks, Turrill, who served in the Army, would meet with Smith, having intimate conversations that would be out of place in virtually any other academic setting. And they helped. Smith graduated and began running his own startup full-time, and has kept in touch with Turrill.

The MBV program, Smith said, “is not just a traditional academic program — the transition side of it is very important, as well.” That is, it’s not just a standard executive MBA with some specialized marketing added. “So it’s very, very real.”

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