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Welcome to your VRS Scorecard

Thank you for your interest in the VRS Scorecard. This quick diagnostic tool is 12 questions based on key indicators of complete workplace violence and conflict prevention programs. You will receive a quick score upon completing the quiz as well as an email that will provide subject education, quick tips, and vital resources for each question.

Do you currently have a workplace violence prevention program?
Do you currently have a business continuity program?
Have you conducted a risk assessment within the past 12 months?
Critical assets are any person, place, or thing that would disrupt your company’s ability to effectively function. Have you identified all of your critical assets?
Do you train your employees to identify and prevent workplace violence?
Do you have a corporate travel safety program?
Does your company have an incident reporting software that provides attack related behaviors analysis and decision criteria?
Within the past 12 months have you had any threats or workplace violence incidents?
Do you have a full-time person or department dedicated to physical security?
Do you conduct physical security drills including, but not limited to active shooter, bomb threat, or workplace violence?
Do you have employee termination policies and procedures?
Do you provide employees with basic medical training including, but not limited to, CPR, AED, or Stop the Bleed?
Does your organization have an active shooter training program?
Are your employees trained to de-escalate erratic or hostile persons?
Do you conduct background checks on employees prior to hiring?

Please fill above details and click on submit button to see your result.

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