Cyber Risk

VRS leverages the most respected minds in cyber security to deliver digital risk advisory services, penetration testing, intelligence activities, and cyber conduct training.

We see what you cannot, and we bring it back to you as corporate assessments of what people all over the world (including your own employees) say about your company/brand name. VRS delivers business investigations on companies you are planning to partner with; competitive intelligence analysis on competitors; and cyber risk management services designed to uncover whether your facilities and executives are at risk of being the subject of a disrupting protest or physical attack.We also ensure that your intellectual property and logo are not being used without your authorization. VRS cyber risk management also includes employee training on how to securely interact with cybertechnology (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to avoid becoming the subject of a social engineering scam that puts your entire enterprise at risk of a cyber attack.

Are you fully confident in your organization’s emergency response plan?

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