7 Workplace Risk Solutions Businesses Must Account For


In today’s world, proper workplace risk solutions have never been more important.

Risk Solutions

A safe and secure workplace is seen by many as one that protects a business, employees, and assets from outside threats.

In truth, this is only a small part of what it means to be a safe and secure organization. There’s as much risk of threats from within.

There’s employee theft and workplace violence, for instance. There are also the possibilities of hostile events, natural disasters, and cybercrimes occurring. All these should signal employers to revamp workplace safety and security measures.

Creating a safer and secure workplace means knowing what risk solutions your business should account for. Here are the seven most important you should know about.

1. Workplace Violence Training

The common notion when it comes to violence is that it always involves physical assaults. But workplace violence goes beyond physical attacks. It occurs any time someone abuses, threatens, intimidates, or assaults another in the workplace.

Exact definitions vary, but in general, workplace violence includes the following:

  • Physical attacks

  • Harassment

  • Making verbal/written threats or acting in a threatening manner

  • Verbal abuse

Some other examples are rumors, vandalism, sabotage, intentional property damage, and psychological trauma. Furthermore, these unlawful acts don’t exactly have to happen in the office. They can occur outside of the workplace, such as in conferences.

The safety and security of your people are your priority. With the right risk solutions, you can equip your organization with the skills and tools to reduce and even prevent risks. Training for workplace violence can better prepare your valued employees for threat mitigation.

2. Online Training

Workplace safety and security training don’t always have to mean classroom-like education. There are benefits to conducting this online through more innovative risk solutions. In fact, you may find online learning a better, much more effective option.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Greater flexibility. Online training allows for access to the needed training materials anytime, anywhere.

  • Improved training results. Learning through an interactive platform can shorten the learning curve. At the same time, e-learners also benefit from improved information retention rate.

  • Extensive course selection. Workplace safety and security is a broad area. With the right choice in a training provider, you can choose courses best suited to your organization.

Additionally, the ease-of-use and -access to online training materials allows for on-going education. Your people can then use this an opportunity to refresh their mastery of the subject. As a result, they can further brush up on essential safety- and security-mitigation skills.

3. Security Risk Assessment

Your risk solutions should also focus on security risk assessment. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to evaluate activities that could put your people in harm’s way.

There are four areas that comprehensive security risk assessment addresses. These include:

  • People

  • Operational processes

  • Existing workplace safety and security policies

  • Current security systems

Risk assessment allows you to pinpoint potential hazards in these areas. And from there, you can take action to better manage and control these risks.

4. Emergency Operations Planning

An emergency can escalate in a matter of seconds. It can take the form of workplace violence, earthquakes, or mass shooting. Prepare for these events to keep your employees and visitors safe and secure.

Your workplace security risk solutions should include Emergency Operations Planning for the following:

  • Prevention, preparedness, avoidance, and stopping threats and actual acts

  • Protection for employees, assets, and visitors against hazards and natural disasters

  • Mitigation of risks, threats, and consequences to minimize potential loss of life and damage to property

  • Efficient response to safeguard lives and keep property loss to a minimum

  • Recovery through timely implementation of restoration

The best way to address emergencies is through enhanced preparedness for these circumstances. Few people can remain calm and logical during a crisis. As such, it pays to know what one should do in such situations before they happen.

5. Active Shooter Planning

Gun violence continues to plague the country and claim the lives of thousands of people. It has become so common in the United States that on average, at least one case of mass shooting occurs every day. Everyone is at risk, your organization included.

This makes preparing and planning for a possible Active Shooter/Hostile Event (ASHE) a necessary addition to your business’ risk solutions. At the very least, it should cover the following procedures:

  • Incident command

  • Deployment of emergency communications

  • Coordination with law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, and other emergency services

  • Medical and equipment training

The increasing number of ASHEs should prompt you to incorporate preparedness plans specifically for such events into your workplace security policies ASAP.

6. Workplace Violence Program Development

Developing a program that specifically tackles workplace violence can further promote a safe and healthy environment for your people. The program should take into account the aforementioned forms of violence in the workplace, and how executives, managers, and regular employees should respond to and handle such instances.

As an employer, your priority is to keep everyone safe from acts of violence. Preventing them from happening in the first place is key to achieving this goal. Effective risk solutions can help you create a safer, more secure and productive environment that brings the best out of your employees.

7. Cyber Risk Management

Cybersecurity processes and technologies continue to evolve rapidly. It’s the only way they can keep protecting consumers, organizations, and governments from the new cyber threats that emerge every day. And with cybercriminals becoming smarter and savvier, your business needs to be one step ahead of them.

Whether in the form of identity theft, denial-of-service-attacks, online fraud, or cyber-bullying, cybercrimes bring disastrous consequences. To counter these threats, you need to determine your facilities’ and executives’ risk of falling victims to these criminals. From there, you can create an enhanced cyber risk management program designed to minimize these risks.

The Right Risk Solutions for Every Safety and Security Threat

The success of every business depends greatly on how safe and secure its facilities are. Through improved risk control and management policies, you can prevent and reduce the impact of workplace threats.

Whether you own a small business or part of a larger firm, your facilities will benefit from better risk solutions. Call us now to learn more.