At Vigilance Risk Solutions (VRS), we are a trusted team of security leaders committed to mitigating workplace violence through custom solutions that empower and increase awareness. VRS works to give organizations the necessary analysis, planning and training to help save lives and have peace of mind.


VRS’ unique three-step approach provides world-class custom solutions.


VRS will identify your organization’s physical, environmental and digital vulnerabilities through comprehensive analysis.

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VRS will create a plan that will help you implement emergency operations and policies.

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VRS will conduct in-person and online trainings that will empower your employees to mitigate and respond to workplace threats.

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Vigilance Risk Solutions Experience

With over 100 years of combined experience, the Vigilance Risk Solutions team maintains a wide-array of talent with corporate security, military special operations, Secret Service, law enforcement and cybersecurity expertise to provide companies with high-quality, custom solutions. With across-the-board experience, we’ll leave no stone unturned. Meet the VRS team and learn how we can help your company to meet the world’s ever-changing security challenges.

Meet the VRS Team


We are revolutionizing the security industry by providing custom services that can be delivered as bundled or independent, stand-alone services. We tailor our services to the unique industry, threats, vulnerabilities and culture of your organization to achieve truly superior results.

VRS Vigilance Risk Solutions Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

Threat & Vulnerability

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Vigilance Risk Solutions Emergency Operations Planning

Operations Planning

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Vigilance Risk Solutions Emergency Operations Planning

Workplace Security

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From Fortune 500 companies to schools and non-profits, Vigilance Risk Solutions serves many organizations across the country.  Request a free consult today to find out why so many well-known brands trust and rely on VRS.

Don’t wait for workplace emergencies to happen.

Practice vigilance, enhance your workplace security, save lives and get peace of mind today. Contact us for a free consult via phone, email, or online here.